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Wednesday - February 08, 2012
Session Presenter Handouts Audio Slides
Marketing & Sales Strategies That Work Sue Kochan
Combustion 101 Bill Spohn
Mechanical Ventilation & ASHRAE 62.2 Courtney Moriarta
BPI Standards & Certification Update Bruce DeMaine
Densepack: Quality Assurance Jim Cleveland
Densepack: Quality Assurance Gary Goodman
The Building Technologies Program: Building Toward a Better Future David Lee
Transitioning to Home Performance Contracting Dan Kartzman
Diagnosing Airflow Problems: Part 1 (The Two #1 Airflow Problems in the HVAC Industry, The Fan Has Laws, Friction Rate or Static Pressure?, Fitting Effective Length) Jack Rise
Low Rise Multifamily: An Opportunity for Builders & Home Performance Contractors Mike Burke
Save Energy…and Avoid IAQ & Mold Problems?!? Terry Brennan
Diagnosing Airflow Problems: Part 2 (Flexible Duct, How to Choose a Blower, Airflow Basics, Diagnostics) Jack Rise
A Protocol for Advanced Air Sealing Dale Sherman
Thursday - February 09, 2012
Session Presenter Handouts Audio Slides
How Not to Get Sued Dave Beaulieu
How Not to Get Sued Kyle Marie Doody
Baseload Basics Nathan Yehle
Hydronic Heating Optimized for Retrofit Applications John Siegenthaler
Advanced Framing: Better, Faster, Cheaper Mark Hutchins
Leveraging Today’s Clean Energy Workforce Rebecca Sterling
Infrared Camera Pricing & Performance Considerations Matt Schwoegler
Solar Thermal: Combisystems for Space & Water John Siegenthaler
ENERGY STAR v3 HVAC Quality Checklist Rob Sherwood
Net-Zero Energy Homes: The Future of Homebuilding, Today Larry LaDuca
Net-Zero Energy Homes: The Future of Homebuilding, Today Angelo Natale
Minisplit Applications Rick Nortz
Version 3 Ins & Outs Rob Sherwood
Looking Forward: The Role Emerging Technologies Will Play in NYSERDA’s Residential Programs Karen Hamilton